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SWDC Championship Qualifying Information Tips


1. Qualifying Divisions  SWDC qualifying is different from the way the USDF does their championship qualifying. SWDC allows a competitor to compete in more than one division, unlike USDF. A competitor must qualify separately for the division they intend to ride in the championship show. Therefore if you intend to ride in the open division the show results from the qualifying show must say that they are for the open division. If you want to ride in the amateur division the qualifying show must report qualifying scores as amateur. You can qualify for open in a show’s AA class but you must declare your intent to the secretary before you ride and she must report the score as an open qualifying.


2. Multiple Division Qualifying   Scores can only count for one division. Two open qualifying scores will only allow you to ride in the open class. They will not allow you to ride in the Adult Amateur Class also. You will need to get two Adult Amateur qualifying scores in addition to the two scores for open.


3. Pony Qualifying  Due to the fact that most shows do not offer separate pony classes you may qualify in a regular open, AA or JR/YR class. If you are intending to ride to qualify for the pony championship class you need to let the qualifying show secretary know that you are trying to qualify pony so that the secretary reports these classes as pony qualifying scores. You must declare that it is a pony qualifying ride before you ride the test.


4. Pony Divisions  Beginning in 2014 Training pony and First level pony divisions will not be separated into JR/YR, AA and Open classes. All riders ( AA, JR/YR and Open)  at each level will ride together in an open class at the championships.


5. Pony Qualifying and Qualifying in another division  If you want to ride in the pony Training level or First level championship and the Training or First level championship in another division such as JR/YR, for instance, you will need to have four qualifying scores. You will need two scores at 56% for the pony and two at 61% for JR/YR.


6. Pony Measurement. You do not have to have a pony measurement card before you enter the championships. You will be measured at the SWDC championships. If your pony is in fact over 148cm (149cm shod) you will not be allowed to ride in the pony class even if qualified. If you have a dressage pony measurement card, mail a copy with your Champion entry to compete in pony classes.


7. Arena Size Riders must ride any qualifying test in a standard 20m x 6m arena.


8. Qualified Rider List  Because a human inputs the scores and because some show secretaries are very slow sending in results, if you do not find yourself listed on the SWDC website  ( ) as qualified by 4 weeks after the show email the qualifying secretary and see what is wrong.


9. Vintage Award   You will have to declare your intent to be eligible for the vintage award at the beginning of the Championship show. There will be a form available for you to fill out. There will be a separate Open and Adult Amateur Division. The winner will be the highest sum of (the age of the rider + the age of the horse + the percentage score of the SWDC championship ride).


10. Tommy Thompson Award Will be awarded to the highest percentage SWDC score achieved by a rider at the Championship Show.

For more information please contact Sarah Jane Martin, the Chairman of  SWDC, at




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