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Championship Awards


  • Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded for first, second, and third places.  Ribbons will be awarded for first through sixth places.   The Tommy Thompson SWDC Award will be given to the rider/horse that has the highest score at the Championships.

  • Prize money will be awarded for the first three places.  The amount is determined by the amount of surcharge fees collected from qualifying rides throughout the year and the number of entries in all the Open, Amateur, and Junior/Young Rider Championships classes.  It is allocated as follows:  First/50%, Second/30%, and Third/20%.

  • Prize money will be dispersed within thirty days to the owner in the Open division, to the rider in the Amateur division, and to the rider (or parent/legal guardian if the rider is not 18 years of age) for the Junior/Young Rider division.

  • Beginning in  2013 there will be awards for AA Vintage and Open Vintage figured by the hightest combination of aige of Rider + Age of Horse + % score in an SWDC Championship ride. 




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